Prevention Programs


The program provides preventative services for the youth and their families through many different avenues. This includes crisis intervention, case management, advocacy with schools or court, non-therapeutic counseling and referrals as needed. Gateway also facilitates groups that focus on topics including anger management, decision making, conflict resolution, stress management, and building socialization skills. Our programs stress positive parenting. We actively encourage parents to find ways to be involved with their children, share time to talk and give guidance; while building self-esteem and trust. Participants are selected for prevention services by a referral process from the family and other school/service organizations with the parents/guardians permission to.


A variety of after-school and in-school topic based groups are offered including programs to work on conflict resolution, anger management, organizational skills, character building, and self-esteem. This is typically presented in a "hands on" method to support youth with life's many challenges while providing peer support. Gateway also offers court ordered programming on an as needed basis for the local courts.


This service is offered to any youth who has an interest in the program for one-on-one support and is provided by one of Gateway's Youth Advocates. Individual Services can be provided at the school, in the home, at Gateway, or any combination of the three. Youth Advocates work with families to meet in the families preferred setting. When requested, Gateway staff may attend any child related meeting and also will connect with the local schools to best serve and support an enrolled youth. Each child will complete an Individual Service Plan to work towards goal attainment.