ACES (Achievement Center for Educational Success)

ABOUT Achievement Center for Educational Success (ACES)

Through a collaborative effort with Darke County Education Service Center and Darke County schools, the Council on Rural Services offers an alternative education program for student’s grade 9 through 12 who are credit deficient or looking for an alternative learning environment. The program is designed with a philosophy that all students can learn and can succeed when the conditions are conducive to their personal and educational needs. The mission is to provide a structured and supportive environment for students that need a different educational choice in order for them to thrive. ACES provide a certified teacher, tutor aides and youth advocates that concentrate on an intense, long-term school program that moves students towards graduation. The coursework includes focused and specialized curriculum for the students. The program also incorporates activities and services that promote personal development, address prevention and intervention. We also provide workforce development to learn job readiness and life skills that enable them to become productive citizens. The referral process starts with the student’s home school administrator and permission of the student’s parents or guardian. At the conclusion of the student’s education with ACES, students receive a diploma from their home school. 


Students are selected for ACES upon referral from the student's home school administrator and with permission from the student's parent(s)/guardian(s). An Individual Needs Assessment conducted by ACES staff in cooperation with school representatives, student, and parent(s)/guardian(s) must indicate multiple areas of social, behavioral needs that cannot be sufficiently addressed in the regular school setting.


  • Smaller classroom setting
  • Substance abuse counseling and education
  • Character building and social skills activities
  • Work study component
  • Advocacy with the schools and court
  • Referrals to other agencies to address student's needs
  • Transition services upon returning to their home schools


Student's must attend ACES for all assigned days, unless excused by the Darke County Educational Service Center attendance policy. Upon entering the program, an educational plan will be developed for each student to identify goals for student's completion. The plan will clearly detail the educational and behavioral steps that a student must complete before returning to their home school. The plan will be reviewed by the ACES staff and the student's home school at the end of each semester to determine when transition back to the home school will occur.


A Youth Advocate will serve as a case manager to help pave the way for a successful transition back into the home school. The Youth Advocate will visit the student at school on a monthly basis for the following grading period to monitor the student's behavior and grades in accordance with the student's transition plan. Failure to meet the requirement of the contract will result in re-evaluating the student educational placement.